about studio

Crona Corp. — professional recording studio. We are distinguished by skillful use along with
modern digital technology traditional analog devices. Music - our everything so that we fully
dedicate ourselves to perfect your sound recording.


Stand-alone digital multitrack recorders that have everything you need built-in for recording, mixing, and producing music. Advantage digital multitrack recorders have over computer based mixing is that they force you to use your ears - when watching a computer screen it's sometimes tempting to mix with your eyes.


We provide a guide to studio mixing consoles at a later time. The audio mixer is literally the heart of every live performance, where all sounds converge to be processed and blended - and finally pumped out through the speakers. It is where major connections are routed to, and where important parameters are set including volume, EQ adjustments, balancing and many more.


We focus on top rated condenser and dynamic mics that are currently being used in professional studios. Note that while the main consideration is vocal recording, the mics we feature also work well with instruments, making them ideal additions to any studio.


A compressor reduces the dynamic range of a signal - in other words it reduces the difference between the loudest and quietest levels. A limiter places an upper ceiling on the output level to prevent clipping - in the digital world clipping instantly becomes distortion.


When you need to work on your recorded music you need to hear exactly how it sounds, warts and all. Generally speaking, multimedia and hi-fi speakers are not suitable for the task because they tend to color the sound. This is where good studio monitors come in, they reproduce sound as transparently as possible, so you can make honest assessments and apply the right adjustments to your mix.

  • Electric Guitar
  • Bass
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Drums